Link Audio 010 – Secam & Alexander Kowalski – Margins


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Artist: Secam & Alexander Kowalski
Title: Margins
Label: LINK Audio
Cat. No: LINK010
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Released: 08 (vinyl) / 26 (digital) November 2021

Track Listing:

  1. Margins
  2. Burnt Castle

Coming next on LINK Audio is a collaboration between Secam and Alexander Kowalski.

Alexander Kowalski needs little introduction, having been producing and performing since 1997, releasing on the likes of Kanzleramt, Different, Tronic, Propaganda, Factor City and Damage Music.  Earlier this year he also turned in 2 stunning electro tracks for LINK Audio on ‘DGTSU’ (LINK005).  Meanwhile, Kay a.k.a. Secam is the founder of the Eurorack modular brand LPZW, which he has been running for the last 5 years.  He also has a long history producing electro.

These 2 artists first met at a club in Leipzig some 20 years ago and have stayed good friends ever since.  Although they’ve both released solo music on the same labels like Konsequent Records and even exchanged remixes in the past, this is their first full release working together.

Here, they join forces on ‘Margins’ released on vinyl 8th November followed by the digital release on 26th November, to produce 2 epic electro soundscapes, the title track and ‘Burnt Castles’.

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Dimensions 36 × 36 × 0.5 cm