Link Audio 008 – Dany Rodriguez – Voyage 2088


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LINK Audio’s own Dany Rodriguez follows up his ‘High on Acid’ release with ‘Voyage 2088’.  The title conveys its futurist vision across both tracks, which are touched by emotional soul and acoustic instrumentation.


The title track features a classic drum rhythm topped by live battery electronics, powerful toms, emotive strings and a bass line played in three different key tones.  After the break the story is completed with live piano, bringing a beautiful flow to the track, alongside acoustic touches which create a timeless sound.


On the B-side ‘Palawan’ conjures a paradisaical universe where sensitive keys are underpinned by a special bass line from the Kurzweil K2500.  In Dany’s own words, “this is a track I made to play anywhere.  I want the audience to feel like they’re dreaming while listening to it.  The bass line is mixed with the keys elements and dosed with some delay touches during the break to give a very special feeling.  I think the rhythms with a recorded clap and chained into specific effects gives a nice groove when it’s mixed with the bells.”


The release is part of LINK Audio’s Blue Series and will be pressed on blue 12” vinyl (alongside the digital release) from 8th October.

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